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At Bayer, our focus is on providing you with the solutions, support teams and insight you need to help you meet some of today’s most important radiology challenges. We’re pleased to say that RSNA 2018 provided the perfect setting to share knowledge, compare notes, and reignite our inspiration to keep moving forward.

We were able to present a robust portfolio of contrast agents, dose management and analytics software, and our newest release, MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX, which offers greater operational flexibility and enables automated, accurate documentation abilities. Find out more in the video and images below.

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Bayer Radiology: Focused on Your Outcomes

Bayer Radiology

Lower Operational Costs

Running an advanced facility requires cutting-edge equipment, and Bayer offers financial programs that make it possible to standardize the latest CT technology with lower operational costs. This allows Bayer in Radiology customers to economically upgrade to the latest MEDRAD® CT Smart Injection System without waiting for capital budget approval.

Bayer Radiology

Automated Documentation Accuracy

Bayer’s advanced Contrast Dose Management Systems bring the details to the forefront to help you improve the way you document contrast delivery. By connecting our MEDRAD® Smart CT injectors to our user-friendly touchscreen workstations, the Bayer in Radiology system automates manual processes and can deliver accurate documentation by reducing the possibility of human error. The benefit is increased time focusing on patients and less time spent on paperwork and repetitive documentation.

Bayer Radiology

Innovative Services

With Bayer, you’re getting more than advanced equipment — you're getting a team of specialized personnel who will be there when you need them. We are a committed partner and offer comprehensive equipment service and solutions delivery support.

Click here to learn how our new customer portal* brings together the tools you need to make the most of your Bayer equipment and services.

*Full access available to customers with a Bayer service agreement or warranty.


Bayer Radiology

CT Extravasation.
Can it be decreased?

Ryan K. Lee, MD, MBA, MRMD, discusses the dynamics of extravasation and some best practices that may help reduce the number of extravasations experienced in clinical practice.

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