Medrad® Mark V ProVis® Angiographic Injection System

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Medrad® Mark V ProVis®

The Medrad® Mark V ProVis® Angiographic system is no longer available for sale in the US. Please click on the link below to obtain information on the Medrad® Mark 7 Arterion® Injection System, which is the latest in the "Mark" series of angiographic injectors.

Please contact your local Bayer representative if you have questions regarding the discontinuation of Medrad® Mark V ProVis® Injection System or availability of the Medrad® Mark 7 Arterion® injection system in your area.

Featured Videos

ProVis® Introduction

(2:23 mins)

Learn about the available configurations for ProVis®.

  • ProVis® Introduction

    (2:23 mins)

  • ProVis®: System Components

    (1:32 mins)

  • ProVis®: Loading the Syringe

    (7:07 mins)

  • ProVis®: Programming a Protocol

    (5:39 mins)

  • ProVis®: Preparing to Inject

    (4:46 mins)

  • ProVis®: Storing and Recalling Protocols

    (3:02 mins)

  • ProVis®: Cleanup

    (2:03 mins)