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The Joint Commission Requirements

Changes to the Joint Commission Standards for Diagnostic Imaging became effective on July 1, 2015. Radimetrics Enterprise Platform has the tools that can help you comply:

CT Imaging Protocol Creation

PC.01.03.01 A24

Requires CT imaging protocols to be established with key criteria including clinical indication, contrast administration, age, patient size and body habitus, and expected radiation dose index range.

How Radimetrics can support you:

  • Manage protocols with Dose Reference Levels (DRLs) by age, patient height/weight, diameter and gender.
  • Individually optimize protocols at the point of care with Certegra® P3T 2.0 Software*.

*Requires Medrad® Stellant® Injection System with Certegra® Workstation.

CT Imaging Protocol Oversight

PC.01.03.01 A26

Requires a radiologist, lead technologist, and physicist to review and keep current CT imaging protocols.

How Radimetrics can support you:

  • Supporting a Protocol Committee - Radimetrics software can assist with communication between protocol committee members.
  • Protocol Information Alerts - document the history of a protocol and receive alerts for newly published protocols, review date reminders and revisions.

Procedural Dose Review and Analysis


Requires review and analysis of procedural dose to identify dose outliers and compare these to external benchmarks.

How Radimetrics can support you:

  • Identify and analyze outliers and drive standardization with Radimetrics software.
  • Compare to external benchmarks such as QuiRCC, NCRP and ACR.

Radiation Dose Documentation

PC.01.02.15 C5

Requires radiation dose documentation performed on every CT study, which must be exam-specific, summarized by series or anatomic area, and documented in a retrievable format.

How Radimetrics can support you:

  • Documents and shares dose data - dose data is captured and can be readily consumed within the integrated dashboard analytics and shared with other hospital systems (HIS RIS EMR), promoting interoperability.

Patient Age and Examination History

PC.01.02.15 A12

Requires hospitals to take into consideration a patient's age, and radiation dose history before deciding on the most appropriate type of imaging exam.

How Radimetrics can support you:

  • Access Dose and Exam Histories at the point of care to inform modality and dosing decisions.

Contrast Dose Documentation


Requires that all patient medical records document rate, access, devices used, and adverse reactions to medication administered.

How Radimetrics can support you:

  • Exam-specific contrast dose documentation performed directly from the modality work list, Medrad® Stellant injectors and the scanner.