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Radiation Dose Management

Connect Compliance and Quality – Today and Tomorrow

Whether you manage a small team or network of hospitals, the Radimetrics Radiation Dose Management solution can help you streamline compliance and better prepare for future quality initiatives. By automating manual processes, Radimetrics combines peace of mind with productivity—reducing regulatory workload while improving accuracy, accessibility and consistency of radiology documentation.

For CT, CR, MG and DX studies, Radiation Dose Management enables you to support compliance with challenging, rapidly evolving regulatory guidelines, including The Joint Commission standards:

  • Set dose-reference levels based on internal and external benchmarks, and customize alerts to identify and investigate outliers
  • Leverage protocol management tools across committee members and sites
  • Track and trend compliance KPIs across scanners, protocols, technologists and patients
  • With advanced tools and capabilities, Radimetrics can help you close information gaps and gain the insights you need to drive continuous quality improvement by allowing you to:
    • Track and measure success with flexible reporting
    • Simulate “what-if” scenarios to help your team understand the impact of scanning techniques on dose outcomes

Find out how Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center cut its radiology exam repeat rate in half.

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Learn about Radiation Dose Management best practices from Lurie Children’s Hospital.

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Beyond Compliance: The Benefits of Radiation Dose Management

Backed by a nationwide team of clinical performance specialists, field service engineers and project managers committed to helping you achieve your goals, Radimetrics can help you deliver:

  • Fine-Tuned Performance
    Eliminate manual processes – and the repetitive work associated with them. Automate documentation, accelerate reporting, and enable outbound interfaces to PACS, RIS and Speech Reporting.
  • Consistent Results
    Establish enterprise-wide dosing standards, and link outcomes to technical factors, technologists and equipment performance.
  • Measure Operation Quality
    Automatically capture and monitor quality metrics, identify performance trends and improve protocol management.
  • Personalized Care
    Use patient scorecards to monitor cumulative radiation dose and per exam dose across modalities.

Plus, Radimetrics spans modalities for Total Dose Management, enabling a holistic view of radiation and contrast dose data at both patient and enterprise levels.

If you’re ready to connect compliance and quality with the Radimetrics Radiation Dose Management platform, contact us today.