Medrad® Stellant® CT Injection System

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Medrad® Stellant® CT Injection System with Certegra® Workstation

Intelligent, Intuitive, Innovative: Confidence Through Patient-centered Care and Efficiency.

The Medrad® Stellant® CT injection system with Certegra® Workstation delivers new levels of efficiency and patient-centered care in CT imaging. An integral part of Bayer’s CT imaging solution, the scalable informatics ready solution offers radiation dose management and Contrast Dose Management™ options—complete with injector interfacing between the scanner, PACS, RIS, and speech recognition systems. We support our CT solution with VirtualCare Remote Support and flexible support service programs to meet your changing needs.

The Certegra® Workstation is the cornerstone of the Bayer Certegra® @ Point of Care application, the industry's first1 Contrast Dose Management™ Solution. The data you need is centrally mobilized and instantly available.

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Reference: 1. Data on File.

Medrad Imaging Bulk Transfer

Enhanced Protocol Management and Precision Timing

Our workflow-centralized interface gives technologists point of care tools to efficiently manage injection protocols for enhanced visualization in complex CT angiography and cardiac CT studies.

Enhanced Protocol Management

  • Storage and recall of up to 250 protocols
  • Designed for complex CTA and Cardiac CT protocols
  • Creates a tight contrast bolus
  • Enables precisely timed contrast delivery
  • Ability to add Certegra® P3T® 2.0 technology to drive personalized patient protocol standardization through new capabilities, including presets for radiologist-preferred protocols and the ability to save and recall P3T software protocols
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Dual Syringe Utilization Benefits

Uniform Enhancement

Clinical benefits of injecting contrast and saline at different ratios to visualize the whole heart. Clinical research has shown that simultaneous injection of contrast and saline, in user-selected ratios, can¹:

  • Provide more uniform attenuation of the right and left ventricles
  • Minimize artifacts by achieving proper attenuation levels
  • Visualize the right coronary arteries and right ventricles in a single study by achieving more uniform attenuation

The informatics ready injection system includes patented DualFlow technology and integrated saline flush. See the video below.

DualFlow can provide the ability to perform simultaneous injection of contrast and saline with the Medrad® Stellant® D Injection System.

References: 1. Kerl JM, Ravenel JG, Nguyen SA, et al. Right heart: split-bolus injection of diluted contrast medium for visualization at coronary CT angiography. Radiology. 2008;247:356-364. 2. Jensen, CT. Dual Flow Contrast Injection for Coronary CTA Improves Visualization of the Right Heart. NASCI Abstract # 05-A-69-NASCI.

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Workflow Efficiencies and Ease-of-use

The injection solution is easy to learn, set up, and use. Ease-of-use design includes:

  • Integrated saline test injection with real-time pressure monitoring
  • Snap-on/twist-off syringe design
  • Automatic plunger advance-and-retract when attaching and detaching syringes
  • Automatic filling and priming
  • Multi-phase programming (and patented Hold/Pause feature)
  • Programmable pressure limit

Remote Support & Flexible Service Programs

In addition to built-in VirtualCare remote support capabilities, we offer flexible support service programs designed around preventative maintenance standards and schedules.

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Scalable Options to Meet Your Changing Demands

As a scalable platform, you can add on flexible options to meet your changing CT imaging needs at any time, such as:

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System Specifications

Ordering Information

Systems listed include all standard cabling

Catalog Number: SCT 322
Medrad® Stellant® D CT Injection System with Certegra® Workstation with Counterpoise System Head Mount

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Medrad® XDS® Extravasation Detection System Option

The Medrad® XDS® Extravasation Detection System technology immediately stops injections when pooling fluid is detected under the skin. Winner of the 2008 Medical Design Excellence Award, the Medrad® XDS® is built on RF Wave Technology, which has been shown to minimize false positives.

Medrad® XDS® technology enables quick and accurate detection of extravasated fluid at less than 20 mL, and typically between 5 mL and 11 mL, integrating into the technologist workflow through:

  • Easy positioning of the Medrad® XDS® sensor correctly using Medrad® HandiSTRIP™ disposables
  • Eliminating manual tape-strip preparation, which can interfere with proper palpation
  • Activating self-test to confirm the system is working properly
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