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Enhance CT studies with our MEDRAD® Stellant CT Injection System. By connecting our MEDRAD® smart CT injectors to our user-friendly touchscreen workstations, the Bayer in Radiology system automates manual processes and can deliver accurate documentation by reducing the possibility of human error. With our personalized dosing software, individual contrast protocols can be used. The smart CT injection system can help users avoid poor image quality that can result from improper dosing. The dual benefit is no more guesswork and potentially lower contrast agent expenses. This is all part of a solution we call Contrast Dose Management:

Medrad Imaging Bulk Transfer

Intuitive and Patient-Centric

The MEDRAD® Stellant CT Smart Injection System offers Radiation Dose Management and Contrast Dose Management options, helping you work more efficiently and effectively to achieve:

  • Streamlined Workflows
    Eliminate repetitive manual documentation and dictation by interconnecting injectors and scanners with PACS, RIS and speech reporting systems. Spend less time preparing for studies through guided workflows at the point of care. Enable advanced protocol management, storage and recall.
  • Enhanced Care
    Spend more time at the patient’s side with the ability to complete exam steps from both the control room and the injector. Empower technologists with tools and features like snap-on/snap-off syringes and auto-features at the injector head.
  • Consistent Precision
    Deliver consistent, reproducible flow rates and volumes from scan to scan while gaining the ability to more closely control the timing of contrast media delivery.
  • Unparalleled Support
    Access a global network of field service engineers, clinical performance specialists, and project managers who offer expert education, installation and real-time support.

New Equipment, No Waiting

Our innovative TechCARE program combines upgrades with uptime. More than a service program, TechCARE helps you acquire the latest CT equipment and avoid the time and hassle involved with budget approval.

Contact us to find out how our MEDRAD® Stellant CT Injection System can help your team deliver more efficient and effective CT imaging services.

Dual Syringe Utilization Benefits

Uniform Enhancement

There are clinical benefits of injecting contrast and saline at different ratios to visualize the whole heart. Clinical research has shown that simultaneous injection of contrast and saline, in user-selected ratios, can¹:

  • Provide more uniform attenuation of the right and left ventricles
  • Minimize artifacts by achieving proper attenuation levels
  • Visualize the right coronary arteries and right ventricles in a single study by achieving more uniform attenuation

The informatics ready injection system includes patented DualFlow technology and integrated saline flush. See the video below.

DualFlow can provide the ability to perform simultaneous injection of contrast and saline with the MEDRAD® Stellant D Injection System.

References: 1. Kerl JM, Ravenel JG, Nguyen SA, et al. Right heart: split-bolus injection of diluted contrast medium for visualization at coronary CT angiography. Radiology. 2008;247:356-364. 2. Jensen, CT. Dual Flow Contrast Injection for Coronary CTA Improves Visualization of the Right Heart. NASCI Abstract # 05-A-69-NASCI.

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MEDRAD® Stellant D CT Injection System with Certegra® Workstation with Counterpoise System Head Mount

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