From Work Slow to Workflow

Contrast Dose Management

From Work Slow to Workflow

With Radiation Dose Management a widely accepted best practice, adoption of Contrast Dose Management is now gaining momentum. It’s easy to understand why. Repetitive, manual processes can slow your department down. Contrast Dose Management automates and accelerates radiology workflows from the point of care through post-procedure by:

  • Eliminating repetitive, manual documentation and dictation
  • Automatically populating contrast injection records directly into PACS, RIS and Speech Reporting
  • Reducing billing rework and mitigating down-coding by automating documentation

Contrast Dose Management also offers access to the insights your team needs to evaluate outcomes and link them to technical factors, technologists and equipment performance, helping you to close information gaps and make better decisions.

Your Contrast-Enhanced Study Data: Automated, Accurate and Accessible

Offered by Bayer in Radiology, Radimetrics Contrast Dose Management enables our MEDRAD® smart MR and CT injection systems to help you deliver:

Contrast Dose Management
  • Standardized Processes
    As accreditation bodies recommend detailed contrast dose documentation, you can automate and standardize best-practice documentation.
  • Measure Operation Quality
    Centrally aggregate quality metrics, identify variations in performance, patterns and trends, and prepare for future quality initiatives.
  • Enhanced Care
    Free up time otherwise spent on paperwork and repetitive, manual documentation. Monitor patients’ cumulative MR contrast dose over time.
  • Unparalleled Support
    Trust our nationwide network of field service engineers, clinical performance specialists, and project managers for expert education, installation and real-time support.

Plus, Radimetrics is the first and only platform that spans modalities with Total Dose Management, enabling a holistic view of contrast and radiation dose data at both patient and enterprise levels.

If you’re ready to work smarter with the Radimetrics Contrast Dose Management platform, contact us today.