Automate Peace Of Mind

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Automate Peace of Mind

By automating radiology processes, Contrast Dose Management can accelerate MR contrast-enhanced study documentation while making it more accurate and accessible. But there’s another important benefit: greater peace of mind. In addition to optimized workflows, Contrast Dose Management allows enhanced oversight at both patient and enterprise levels, helping you to:

  • Monitor each patient’s cumulative MR contrast dose over time
  • Understand MR contrast utilization across the enterprise

“We feel there is value in tracking cumulative MR contrast dose for our patients.”

Andrew Clark, Radiology Operations Supervisor Salem Regional Medical Center

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Your MR-Enhanced Study Data: Automated, Accurate and Accessible

Offered by Bayer in Radiology, the Radimetrics Contrast Dose Management solution automates study data by connecting our MEDRAD® smart MR injectors and workstations, which can then interface to PACS, RIS and Speech Reporting systems. Central data aggregation helps your organization take performance to new levels:

  • Improved Documentation Accuracy and Efficiency
    Eliminate repetitive manual documentation, dictation and workflows.
  • More Accessible Insights
    Evaluate outcomes and link them to technical factors, technologists and equipment performance.
  • Enhanced Care
    Free up time otherwise spent on paperwork and repetitive, manual documentation.

Watch this brief video to see Contrast Dose Management for MR in action.

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With help from Bayer in Radiology, you’ll be able to close information gaps for better, more informed decision-making. Plus, when you choose Radimetrics Contrast Dose Management, you gain access to the first and only Total Dose Management platform that spans modalities, enabling a holistic view of contrast and radiation dose data at both patient and enterprise levels.

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