Medrad® Certo® MR Wireless Network

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Medrad® Certo® MR Wireless Network

Wireless Remote Capabilities

Reliable wireless communication throughout the MR suite enables flexibility, ease of care, and increased throughput.

With Medrad® Certo®'s wireless network capabilities, you can safely monitor patients without interrupting the scan-from both inside and outside the scan room. Bayer is the only company to offer a private network MR wireless monitoring solution. The fiber-optic connection between scanner room and control room doesn't interfere with imaging, and provides a secure path for transmitting your patients' vital-sign information.

  • Include wireless-remote capabilities with initial purchase or add-on the equipment options at any time
  • Equipment freely travels with patients from prep room to scan room to recovery area, with full communication of real-time patient monitoring status
  • Enables wireless service capability
  • Secure network operates separately from the broader hospital network
  • Signal strength protected from negative impact of the RF Shield

With complete wireless-remote monitoring, clinicians can stay focused on each patient's care while efficiently managing a full schedule of patients through the scanner suite.