Medrad® Continuum® MR Infusion System

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Medrad® Continuum® MR Infusion System

The Medrad® Continuum® MR Infusion System is no longer available for purchase

In April 2014, Bayer discontinued the sale of the Medrad® Continuum® MR Infusion System. Please read the following FAQs to find answers and general information about Medrad® Continuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Bayer deadline for return of Medrad® Continuum?

The Bayer deadline for return of Medrad® Continuum systems was extended to July 31, 2015 to ensure that every effort was made for customers to have the opportunity to return their equipment.

Are infusion sets available for purchase?

No, Bayer halted the distribution of infusion sets on March 31, 2015.

Are there other infusion sets which customers can use with the Medrad® Continuum?

No, there are no other infusion sets approved for use with the Continuum system.

Will Bayer offer service on the Medrad® Continuum?

No, service on the Medrad® Continuum system halted on June 30, 2015.

Can customers return their Medrad® Continuum to Bayer today?

Bayer will accept the return on customers' pumps for disposal only, without any credit or refund. Customers may request information on returning the Medrad® Continuum by contacting Lori Mainhart in Bayer Sales Support at 724-940-7961 or