For U.S. healthcare professionals only.

Workflow SolutionsTM //Insights

Actionable Intelligence for Enterprise Management

Workflow SolutionsTM //Insights will provide Clinical and Service Key Performance Indicator dashboards for connected injectors that enable immediate, actionable decisions to drive benchmark-based imaging service improvement

  • Automated operational-level KPI dashboards and reporting
  • Actionable insights with clinical and service data visualizations
  • Benchmarking across your organization and the Bayer connected-device community

The Power of Workflow SolutionsTM //Insights

Unlock your own enterprise data to visualize:

  • Injection Procedure Performance
  • Contrast and Syringe Utilization
  • Asset Management Data
  • Equipment Service Performance

Workflow SolutionsTM //Insights management information dashboards are enabled by VirtualCARE® connectivity and the Point of Care system interface.

Now commercially available as an enhancement through our latest TechCARETM NxT Non-Obsolescence Program, eligible and registered Equipment Service Customers will have access to our community of actionable performance data.

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