For U.S. healthcare professionals only.

This tool is intended to calculate the approximate amount of FDG, or NaF, needed to complete a patient schedule with the MEDRAD® Intego PET Infusion System. The tool also allows users to observe the impact of variations to the schedule plan.

Disclaimer: Estimates for FDG or NaF are based on user-provided information. Actual requirements may vary.


Step 1: Utilize the options panel to customize the display output to your needs. For example, press the "Activity Units" button to toggle the activity units between MBq and mCi.
Step 2: Enter the vial assay time (or activity reference time) for the Intego multi-dose vial. The desired time may be typed directly into the data entry field in 24-hour format.
Step 3: Enter the time that the Intego PET Infusion System SAS will be primed.
Step 4: Enter the time of administration and the dose for the first patient. Click the  button to add a dose.
Click the   button to remove a selected dose.
Step 5: Repeat Step 3 for each planned patient.
Step 6: Press the "Calculate" button.
Step 7: Choose a vial volume and activity within the "Valid Vial Configurations" graph. Placing the mouse pointer over one of the points in the graph will display the activity and volume values.

Vial Plan


Valid Vial Configurations