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Advanced products from Bayer in Radiology come with something equally valuable: world-class services. You have access to our team of Services Experts who are dedicated to improving your performance with round-the-clock support. We provide quality solutions to meet your clinical, financial, and operational needs, and we’re constantly investing in new technology and services to support you and your business every step of the way.

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    When you choose Bayer, you have access to dedicated teams that are committed to every aspect of your Bayer Solutions portfolio. Our Specialists work with you to create an integration plan that allows your systems to fit the needs of each department.

    • Bayer Project Managers oversee every aspect of the project implementation process
    • Customized integration plans ensure that our systems fit the needs of your department solution interfaces
    • Bayer Engagement Delivery Specialists coordinate on-board training to introduce your team to the new technology
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      Bayer is committed to helping you improve quality, safety, and patient care. To ensure that you and your team have everything you need to achieve your clinical goals, you have access to:

      • Our team of Clinical Performance Specialists, who provide on-site and virtual training so that you and your staff can maximize the potential of your radiology suite
      • The knowledgeable and responsive specialists at the Bayer Clinical Performance Center who provide remote clinical applications support and can help you to identify best practices and efficiency opportunities
      • Our myRadiologySolutions customer portal, where the Learning Academy offers extensive on-demand education resources and Live Chat puts engaging with our clinical specialists at your fingertips
      • Information Technology Advisories, which are designed to keep you up to date
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        With Bayer’s flexible service agreements, you can protect your investment with a host of features. Service agreements help you to optimize the performance and maximize the uptime of your devices and software. Only Bayer provides:

        • TechCARE™ and TechCARE™ NxT non-obsolescence programs combine next-gen equipment with world-class services
        • Engineered Predictive Maintenance (EPM) performed by Bayer-certified Service Technicians who deliver comprehensive on-site maintenance, software updates, part replacements, and more
        • VirtualCARE® Remote Support, which can help to identify issues before they become problems through remote monitoring, advanced diagnostics and rapid support, maintenance and error resolution
        • The Technical Assistance Center (TAC), which offers on-call support from specialists who deliver extensive product knowledge, software expertise, and troubleshooting experience
        • Access to the myRadiologySolutions customer portal, which offers a range of services, including the ability to take an active role in maximizing the uptime of Bayer devices and software by opening and monitoring cases online or communicating with a technical expert through Live Chat
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        Calculate the cost of downtime to help you choose the right program


        Stay up and running — and up to date — with TechCARE™ and TechCARE™ NxT

        Through our non-obsolescence programs — TechCARE™ and TechCARE™ NxT — Bayer combines world class services with hardware and software optimization features, all with financial flexibility. Each plan includes:

        • Full service coverage featuring our Service Essentials: annual EPM, TAC, and VirtualCARE® Remote Support
        • Uptime guarantees1
        • Customers with a Bayer Service Agreement experience 28% less downtime during an emergency service event2
        • Hardware and software optimization enhancements

        TechCARE™ gives you 2 equipment upgrades over 3 years3:

        • One scan room entitlement – the MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX CT Injection System
        • One control room entitlement – the latest Bayer workstation

        TechCARE™ NxT takes you to the next level with:

        • Enhanced services including injector-level software support and maintenance and clinical services.
        • One additional virtual clinical training over the 3 year contract 
        • Your choice of two workflow enhancements


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        1. With Standard level of service. 2. Service support statistics are based on remote and onsite service performed over a 12-month period (June 2020-June 2021) 3. Can be canceled within cancellation policy. 4. As commercially available.

        *If you already have a POC/Interface, two additional interfaces may be substituted. During the term of your agreement, you may request one (i) control room enhancement to replace your existing monitor with the Certegra® Workstation 3.0; and (ii) a scan room enhancement to replace your existing MEDRAD® Stellant Dual CT Injector head or MEDRAD® Stellant Single CT Injector head (as applicable) with a new MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX injector head. The new injector head will be compatible only with new Bayer syringes as part of our complete injection system. Mounting options (Overhead Counterpoise System [OCS] and Pedestal) are excluded. Scan room enhancement will not be installed on OCS I (OCS I was last sold in 2004). This enhancement is available for the MEDRAD® Stellant Dual Injection System and MEDRAD® Stellant Single CT Injection System.


          VirtualCARE® Remote Support is an always-on managed service, securely connected to your Bayer hardware and software through the cloud, identifying issues before they become problems, and providing real-time monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and rapid resolution. Only VirtualCARE®:

          • Proactively monitors Bayer devices to anticipate potential issues and resolve rapidly*
          • Receives service requests at the push of a button, generated at the point of care
          • Reports injector diagnostics remotely to expedite on- or off-site maintenance, most often into a single visit or support call
          • Delivers software patches remotely for seamless maintenance


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          Learn more about VirtualCARE®, how to acquire it, and how you can Connect for MORE

          *A TechCARETM Nxt Standard, TechCARETM Standard, or DirectCARE® Standard Service Agreement Program is required for entitlement to auto-alerts


            The myRadiologySolutions portal is built to enhance the customer experience by delivering a range of on-demand services, available whenever and wherever you need. When you register* for myRadiologySolutions, you can connect to the full suite of Bayer Radiology Services, including:

            • In-depth clinical and technical education resources in theLearning Academy, like training videos, product manuals and more, all designed to help you sharpen your skills and deliver optimal patient care
            • Access to build fully customizable training plans and receive timely communications when new content is available
            • Ability to enrich your engagement with our clinical and technical experts, either through our intuitive Live Chat feature or by creating and monitoring service and support cases online
            • Visibility to robust asset data, intended to help you elevate your asset management strategies and inform intelligent, data-driven decisions
            • Convenient links to myORDERS and myINVOICES, which help you to streamline your ordering and payment processes

            *Certain features are available only to customers with an active Bayer Service Agreement or warranty.


            Calculate Downtime

            Pressures in the healthcare environment increase the need to ensure that your Bayer devices are reliable and performing at peak efficiency

            • Customers with a Bayer Service Agreement experience 28% less downtime during an emergency service event2
            • A Bayer Service Agreement provides you:
              • Quick issue resolution, with the average customer call into Bayer's Technical Assistance Center addressed remotely 29%* of the time, usually in 30 minutes or less
              • Uncompromised quality delivered by Bayer's expertly trained service technicians who use only OEM-certified parts
              • Expedited diagnostics of the system with remote monitoring through Bayer's comprehensively secure VirtualCARE® Remote Support solution
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            Patient Care Commitments

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            Quality Demands

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            Budget Constraints

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            Compliance Requirements

            *Estimates based on 2020 and 2021 service records, which compared resolution times for service agreement program customers with access to the Technical Assistance Center to resolution times for non-Bayer service customers who experienced an emergency service event.

            Interactive Downtime Calculator

            Every device downtime event has implications for your patients and for your bottom line. When a downtime event is prolonged, patient procedures may be delayed or rescheduled, resulting in increased patient wait time and potential delays in diagnosis.


            Find out how your facility could be impacted.

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