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Radiation Dose Management

Radiation Dose

A New Era is Upon Us, Preparing You for Quality Initiatives

Radimetrics® 3.0 is embarking on a new chapter. This is more than an upgrade, it marks a new trajectory for advancement.

Empower your workflow by:

  • Advancing informatics to drive quality and efficiency
  • Streamlining the flow of Radiation Dose information to analyze dose performance
  • Helping standardize imaging protocols with flexible management tools
  • Seeing the big picture with exposure analytics, trend tracking, and benchmarking
  • Capturing essential data in one system to support your efforts in optimizing dose

  • Reduce the compliance workload with improved documentation accuracy and consistency
  • Use automated dose documentation in CT/MG/CR/DX/XA/RF/NM to support compliance and regulatory standards
  • Set dose reference levels based upon internal and external benchmarks so you can quickly identify and address outliers
  • Leverage protocol management tools across committee members and sites
  • Track and trend compliance KPIs across scanners, protocols, technologists, and patients

Leverage advanced tools and capabilities

  • Set customized dose-reference alerts to quickly identify and investigate outliers
  • Track and measure success with flexible reporting  
  • Centrally manage and share protocols across multiple sites  
  • Simulate “what-if” scenarios to educate technologists on the impact of scanning technique on dose outcomes

Experience fine-tuned performance

  • Reduce repetitive, manual documentation, and dictation for more efficient radiology workflows  
  • Accelerate reporting via automatic outbound interfaces to PACS, RIS, and Speech Reporting (SR)  
  • Close information gaps, and gain the insights you need to make better decisions

Achieve consistent results

  • Establish institutional, enterprise-wide dose ranges for studies  
  • Evaluate dose outcomes and link them to technical factors, technologists, and equipment

Measure operational quality  

  • Automatically capture accurate metrics in a central location  
  • Identify variations in performance, patterns, and trends  
  • Evaluate utilization of scanner and injector protocols  
  • Leverage data for current and future quality initiatives

Offer your patients enhanced care

  • Use Patient Detail as a scorecard to monitor cumulative and per exam doses across modalities 
  • Increase time for patients by spending less time on paperwork and repetitive documentation
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