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Bayer RADTech Success RT Recognition Program is intended to be an inspiring opportunity to share positive stories that recognize RTs driving better outcomes and the valuable contributions they share in achieving organizational success.

The program rules are as follows:

  1. One RT submission per hospital can be recognized in a given year.
  2. Once submissions are verified, nominators will be contacted about recognition.
  3. The nomination and success story is independent of Bayer usage.
  4. The nomination and success story should be outcome driven.
  5. Submission cannot contain practices that are off-label use of Bayer products.
  6. Submission cannot contain any information that might compromise or violate patient confidentiality. Do not include protected health information (PHI) or any information in violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  7. All submissions that are verified and meet program rules will be recognized.