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Join us during RSNA 2023 for a Virtual Symposium, Current Practices in Breast MRI, sponsored by Bayer.

    David Schacht

    David Schacht, MD, MPH,
    Associate Professor of
    Radiology (Breast Imaging),
    Northwestern University

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    Breast MRI is continuing to evolve. Join David Schacht, MD, for an overview of the updated ACR guidelines on breast cancer screening for women with higher-than-average risk, which includes MRI as an option. Dr. Schacht will review data from literature that evaluates different MRI protocols for breast cancer screening and in previously treated breast cancer patients.

    Dr. Schacht is a paid consultant of Bayer.

    Key takeaways from this session will include:

    • MRI is an important diagnostic tool for breast cancer.
    • Breast MRI can be performed in 10-15 minutes in compliance with ACR Practice Parameters and ACR Accreditation Guidelines.
    • ACR Appropriateness Criteria for Supplemental Breast Cancer Screening includes MRI with contrast, and shortened MRI with contrast protocols, as an option for supplemental screening in certain patients with higher risk of breast cancer