For U.S. healthcare professionals only.

Deliver quality patient care with the MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX

Helps you meet your financial, clinical, and organizational goals so that you can continue to deliver quality patient care while maintaining healthy business operations

Benefit from a combination of new features, including:

  • Focus on patient safety with added system features 
  • Increase operational efficiency with interoperability and design
  • Decrease departmental costs with syringe savings
  • Extend service life of your CT technology

MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX enables Contrast Dose Management and automated, accurate documentation.* 


Extending the lifespan of your injector is simple and economically worthwhile. Invest in the MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX CT Injection System and benefit from:

  • Decreased operational costs  
  • Operational efficiencies in workflow, interoperability, and staff satisfaction
  • Savings through the use of smaller, economical syringes
  • Extended lifespan of your CT technology with FLEX upgrade packages, such as the TechCARE CT Non-Obsolescence Program

  • The MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX offers continued focus on patient safety 
    Inventive design features aid fluid visualization. 
  • New options for efficiency
    Syringe options offer you the flexibility to optimize contrast media use, reduce the environmental impact, and cut the cost of unnecessary waste disposal, all of which can reduce operational costs.
  • New colored beacon technology
    Clearly indicates the presence of fluid in the syringe with an orange-colored identifier
  • MEDRAD® FluiDots embedded on the syringe
    Clearly signifies the presence of imaging fluids
  • The ultra-clear barrel design
    Further enhances the visualization of fluid

The MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX CT injection system optimizes your Radiology department with:

  • An intuitive experience designed for minimal operator training
  • A redesigned docking system, making it easier to install the syringe from any orientation
  • Automated, accurate documentation capturing important contrast details
  • A new workstation with the latest technology, coupled with optional software that calculates optimized patient protocols for CT cardiac, pulmonary angiography, and abdomen studies


*Requires additional software purchase.

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